Vodafone and Dropbox partnership aims to ensure you never lose your mobile content

Vodafone and dropbox

Vodafone and Dropbox have entered an exciting partnership that which will ensure Vodafone customers never lose their mobile content.  The service, called Backup+,  will tightly integrate exclusively with Dropbox, offering tailored new features designed for smartphone users according to Vodafone blog page.

The deal will see Vodafone customers using Android and iPhone devices get up to 25GB of free space for a year and also integrates Dropbox into Vodafone’s new Backup+ service. It will ensure that users save their valuable files to Dropbox — you can restore content on other devices and share it with friends without having to use two services or limit the kind of data you protect. The  service app will be available the end of March, although the service itself will take a few months to reach “most” Vodafone areas.

Source: Vodafone