VLC adds support for 4K video playback, also updates its mobile Android, iOS and WP8 apps


Our favorite PC video playback open source application VLC — which is also popularly widely known for its ability to be compatible with nearly all video and music file formats has received a noteworthy update today.The new Version 2.1 includes improved audio processing, including proper and complete support for surround sound output. But most notably, this is the first version of VLC to offer 4K playback,initially.  It’s still incredibly difficult to find videos at such high resolution, but with the few number of 4K TVs and monitors that on the market we predict some interest in the near future.

They have not stopped on the PC and MAC apps only, they also updated the Android and iOS ports of VLC, with Android now offering support for far more devices than before. As for Windows Phone 8, Windows RT, and the “Metro” interface in Windows 8 and 8 there are also new “partial ports” of VLC .