Video is the next big thing

Ann Kansiime Popular YouTube comedian
Ann Kansiime Popular YouTube comedian

To a country like Uganda, such a word would come with criticism as many have claimed and complained about the high so called data charges. Its evident and as such many tend to ignore video sites in fear of losing it all. Their internet bundles getting used up !! Most attribute it to the market disruption caused by the former Warid Telecom to the Ugandan teleco space. Those huge daily internet bundles left the market wanting for more .Others kept watching and maintained their own offering and kept watching and now Warid is no more and that’s business  Leaving Warid aside, I will disagree with this kind of thinking reason being the global statistics as regards video consumption, Uganda inclusive.

Top 6 Alexa Rankings in Uganda
Top 6 Alexa Rankings in Uganda

When I scrolled through Alexa rankings it was no surprise seeing YouTube coming up as the third most visited site in Uganda and globally it couldn’t be neglected either. It pushed through to the same position. You all know video is not only consumed on YouTube though it comes up as the most popular video content site in the whole world. The emergence of other services like Vimeo, Daily motion just proves me right and other popular VOD (Video On Demand ) Services like Amazon Instant video and streaming services becoming popular.At least to the West but they are have gained ground in Africa too. These services have led to a decline in traditional TV viewing and all services are vying to get viewers glued onto their screens, be it TV, Smartphones, tablets, gaming consoles ans so on. Video is seeing many people become renowned names arising from the different content they feed to the world. The West has these so called YouTube celebrities earning hefty sums of money on top of them being famous amongst their fans. In the motherland am proud to talk of Ann Kansiime, “That Mukiga Gal” as she popularly goes. She has many hits on YouTube and the likes. She’s staged various successful shows across the globe because of her comic character and everyone witnessing that through her YouTube video feeds. Then come these Multi-Channel  networks,attracting many viewers and generating revenue as well. This attracted a television conglomerate Disney, the one popular for the mickey mouse character coming out and buy Makers Studio for an astonishing $500 million gives any one doubting the power of video a second reason to come out right. Makers studio is said to garner 5.5 billion views with an estimated subscriber base of 380 million. And many others out their Machinina, Vevo, AwesomeTV, Meta cafe and Full screen.

The Famous Nollywood

These offer assistance in areas such as product, programming, funding, cross-promotion, partner management, digital rights management, monetization /sales and/ or audience development. These are not owned by YouTube but rather build their business on top of the YouTube platform as said by Forbes. Seeing Marissa Mayer, the current yahoo C.E.O trying to lure these networks from YouTube to yahoo’s own video service, Yahoo screen just confirms the long way video has come to claim the top spot. Microsoft is also introducing original video programming on its Xbox platform. Apple also began selling and renting video through its iTunes store.Still doubting the power of video with all these big players ? Many industries have been built around video. Hollywood is big, here in Africa Nollywood is a force to reckon with and others are coming. It means good business mostly to ISP’s (Internet service providers) as most of this video content is now being consumed online at the expense of traditional TV.MTV is big because of music videos, TV shows are always trending and many networks are cropping up video being the driving force. Don’t ignore the revolution, become part of it.