pornhub 2017 report

These new figures may perplex Lokodo’s recently appointed anti-pornographic control committee who aim is to stamp out pornography by collecting and destroying pornographic materials, and to apprehend and prosecute perpetrators. Well, PornHub has dropped its annual yearly review of the past twelve months and its findings are nothing but filled with insight. Lets run down the numbers.

The website managed to attract a total of 28.5 billion visits to its website, averaging at about 81 million visits per day. All this activity amounted to more than four million new videos uploaded to the platform, this equals to a total running time of more than 68 years.

Pornhub further says users consumed an earth shuttering 3,732 petabytes – a little over 10 million GBs per day – of porn throughout the entire year. For context, this is enough to fill the storage of every iPhone currently in use around the world, according to Pornhub.

Smartphones dominate porn traffic

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According to thenextweb, the adult content distributor discovered that desktop streaming accounts for merely 24 percent of all traffic (see info-graphic below). Curiously, it seems that most people’s preferred watching device is their smartphone. By comparison, smartphone and tablet make up for 67 and nine percent, accordingly. We recommend to you wash your hands thoroughly next time you touch your friend’s phone.

pornhub 2017 report_smartphone usage
Pornhub Usage by device

With the above staggering figures, it should be recalled that the government has plans to monitor mobile phones and computers is also troubling given its complicated relationship with digital media. Despite the increased consumption of Porn worldwide, all these efforts underpin Ugandan officials’ continued preoccupation with enforcing moral codes—at whatever cost. ”