Use the Fezah Android app to book a musician, band, or DJ for your next event

Fezah Android app

With events happening daily in Uganda, the Fezah Android app has been released to help you easily book a musician, band, or DJ for your next party. With Fezah you can quickly see a list of musicians, bands, and DJs available for a specific date, price, and genre, and request to book your favorite. Basically the hustle for dealing with musician’s managers has been eliminated.

The app will initially work for Kampala dwellers only the app developers are adding new musicians and DJs on daily basis to leave you spoilt for choice. They have also urged the beta app users to contribute and, tell them about any artists they could be missing. Are you planning an event soon? Go ahead and try it. Book the musician, band, or DJ for your next celebration quicker. Click here and follow the instructions to install the Fezah app for Android.