URA launches Android application for Tax Payments

AskURA app on phone

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[/blockquote]Uganda Revenue Authority (URA) has today launched a #AskURA an android mobile application that is aimed at easing on tax payments and other URA related activities for its clients.

With the app, clients can now ably carry out all the activities they need such as opening a TIN number, payment of taxes determining the tax rate and ration and most importantly it bridges a good relationship of the clients and URA using the Live Chat provision.

The app has been enriched with up to 4 languages, Luganda, English, Swahili and Runyakitara and developers promise of an addition of Chinese. However, the application is only compatible to devices operating on the Android operating system hence leaving out our brothers using the Blackberry world, iOS and Windows although the developers promise more to suit all these operating systems by mid-next month.

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The application was launched at the URA headquarters in Nakawa by the Commissioner General of URA Doris Akol who majorly pointed out that the app mainly targets the busy business middle-class.

With this on the go app, business people will know exactly what taxes they owe or what taxes they have to pay before they engage in business or import goods. The app also enables clients pay any tax and evaluate their tax.

Get it on Google Play.