Upcoming iphones, ipads and TV to have 3D technology, after Apple buys Prime Sense for $360m

In a bid to have features on its devices or even introduce new product categories, Apple has confirmed that it has acquired the 3D sensor technology company PrimeSense according reports from AllThingsD. PrimeSense is an Israel based company is creditworthy for the Kinect sensor of the Xbox 360.

Apparently it seems the guys at Cupertino  have discovered the power of the XBOX’s kinect technology and are ready to incorporate it into their next tablets, phone, TV or some unannounced products. According to reports Apple paid close to $360 million for PrimeSense.

So the speculation is on and we hear at techjaja think Apple may want to enter the gaming market to compete with the XBOX or Sony’s Play Stations. Others think the technology could be incorporated into their next gen iPhones or iPads, as the options are limitless.