Unotelly lets you watch online streaming TV channels without geographical restrictions


Do you have an unlimited access to the internet and more specially streaming services? Do you live outside the US and always wanted to watch channels like Netflix, hulu and other TV stations that have geographical restrictions? The guys at UnoTelly want to break that barrier with a DNS (Domain Name System) service that lets you access Online Streaming TV channels. In other words, it’s an Online TV Service that bypasses Geographic Limitation.


When the guys at UnoTelly first contacted us, we were a bit skeptical about the whole thing and then we gave it a try and we can only define it as a jaw dropping service. Watching all these US restricted channels online is just amazing. Plus it has most of the channels you would love to watch that span all genres of life; from Music, Movies, Animation, News, Sports, Telemundo and list is endless. You can check channels’ listing here . For sure this is more than other ordinary VPN (Virtual Packet Network) services.

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To get started you will be given a free 8-day UnoTelly DNS access, and hope you will blown away like we are. Give it a try HERE and tell us what you think.