Unmasking John Chen, Blackberry’s new CEO; Will he be Mr Fixer?

John Chen

Here expected to save the day is Mr John Chen, as a man who is believed will save BlackBerry from drowning in a sinking titanic. We are yet to see if his reputation will follow him this time round as John Chen is known for turning around failing companies,and he is known to be the right man to save Blackberry as its new interim CEO. After a failed takeover by Fairfax capital , they have therefore decided to partner up with a small group of investors who together will be sinking in $1 billion into into the scrambling phone maker, and wagering big on Chen for a turnaround.

Will Chen work his magic again?

Chen has worked in a number of executive positions over the years, he’s best known for his time as CEO of the enterprise services company Sybase a company tha fell hard in the late ’90s. Chen managed to turn around Sybase’s fortune when he came on board 1998. The company was reportedly worth just $362 million then, but after 13 years under Chen it was acquired for $5.8 billion.

According to The New York Times  Chen said,People were laughing at us for getting into mobility so early and they were saying there’s no money there, wireless is just a dream and everyone’s losing so much money. We are now the largest enterprise-software provider in wireless technology.We don’t expect, extreme changes to come to BlackBerry within a year or two . Since BlackBerry is committed focusing more on enterprise, Chen’s appointment will likely that up to speed.  When Chen joined Sybase in 1998, the company had been losing money for four years running. His first move — and something that BlackBerry may dearly need — was to rally his workers. “The first thing I needed to do when I joined was restore the confidence of the people,” Chen told Computer Business Review in 2005. “I needed to restore confidence that you have a theme and can execute. I didn’t want to wander off too far from our core competencies any more.”We don’t expect, extreme changes to come to BlackBerry within a year or two. The bright side of it all is that the Chen has already said that he won’t be shutting down the company’s phone division, despite the fact that it’s losing money. But he conceives that BlackBerry is well enough to manage a turnaround. According to what he told the Reuters

I know we have enough ingredients to build a long-term sustainable business, I have done this before and seen the same movie before.

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It is just year one for John Chen at Blackberry, what lies a head of him is a tight competition from existing triumphant mobile ecosystems. He has to take Blackberry mobile division to the number one spot and has Windows Phone, Android and iOS to over come. Whether he will be Blackberry’s the knight and shining amour only time will tell.