Galaxy s8 Evan Blass Twiter
The Galaxy s8 by Evan Blass on Twitter

The Galaxy S8 should be the most anticipated Android device of the year judging by the S7 before it, it is outright an eye magnet for its impressive industrial design and this has come to reckon with its impressive sales worldwide. The S8 rides on that or even better with reports speculating Samsung cramming a 5.8 inch screen in a 5.7 inch body. So expect no increase in the overall phone size but expect an even longer and better display.

We first showed you the unclear leaked images of the S8 a while ago but this time around, this particular leak coming from renowned leaker, Evan Brass leaves nothing to hide. It goes on to conform with what we’ve heard or read before about the Galaxy S8. There is no physical home button in site and the same edge to edge display seems to be a main stay for Samsungs’s flagships hereon.

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While March 29th is just around the corner for the official unveiling of the device, so far we anticipate no surprises in design build given we can now crown the Galaxy S8 as the most leaked Android flagship in early 2017.