UNBS introduces e-tag service to help farmers fight counterfeit agricultural products

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[/blockquote]According to the Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS), farmers make losses of over 40% due to counterfeit agricultural imports. The standards body has introduced e-tag– an electronic verification system under their kakasa service where any every agricultural product will have a 12 digit code that users will scratch to expose. They can send this code via SMS to 114 valid on all mobile networks. This will help to detect forgeries of labels. Within 5 seconds, farmers will get a response that you are buying product or seed A from company B and it will also show them an expiry date. The way the 12 digit code is generated by UNBS is similar to that used by telecom companies on airtime scratch cards and thus are hard to forge.

etag UNBS tag

The UNBS has encouraged all farmers to take note of the e-tags and only buy things that have this tag. Right now most consumers are not yet aware and knowledgeable to use the service. With the use of e-tag service, will be difficult for unscrupulous people who have been bringing counterfeit agricultural products on the Ugandan market.  Farmers are happy cause, this will increase sales, gain back their lost market share and improve brand loyalty. UNBS is in the process of expanding e-tags to other products. The Uganda National Bureau of Standards (UNBS) is a parastatal body established by Act of Parliament under the Ministry of Tourism, Trade and Industry.