#UGDebates16: How Ugandans followed the first ever presidential debate on twitter

Presidentail Debate 2016

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[/blockquote]Well, that was quite dramatic, thrilling and I must say entertaining, as Ugandans keenly followed the first ever presidential debate last night. So how did the event trend of social media?  We have fewer Ugandans using twitter than Facebook but it seems last night there was a lot of twitter buzz as Ugandans followed the debate using the hashtag UGDebates16 which trended worldwide. The beauty about twitter is that everyone has an opinion and the best or most rib cracking ones are re-tweeted and liked. Wondering which candidate stole the most limelight? Who was there as a class clown? Who was more critical on the issues at hand? At the end of the day, some people were left wondering whether the candidate they were going to vote for is still worth their votes after the debate. Even with the absence of the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni, we can ultimately say the debate was a success.

Overall there were 187 posts with the hashtag #UGDebates with a reach of  over 170,00 and 220,00 impressions on twitter. You can check out how Ugandans followed the first ever presidential debate on twitter using the hashtag #UGDebates16

How did #UGDebates16 perform on Twitter?

1. The maximum number of posts on twitter were at 10pm.

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2. 48.1% were original tweets

3. Who posted the most tweets?

4. Most Influential Ugandans on Twitter during the debate

5. 86% of the #UGDebate16 twitter traffic was from Uganda

6. The Demographics

7. Twitter on Mobile ruled the night

8. Trending topics