Uganda’s Web Portal now up and running

When you log onto, you will be greeted by Uganda’s Web portal, a new state owned website that will ease the flow of information from its institutions to the general public. The Portal will host all Government institutions. and will help the public to access information from all the Government departments which has been a big challenge previously.

Pius Mwinganisa the principal information officer at the Ministry of Information explained at the News Editor Breakfast meeting that

“The Government web portal will be a one stop information center where the public will access Government information. As a ministry, we shall ensure that all sectors avail the necessary information to us. This will allow our information and technology team to upload all the information to the central web portal,”

According to the East African Business Week,  the objective of the breakfast meeting was to equip news managers with the new proposed media code which the Government want to implement soon. Mwinganisa, who is also the secretary to the Media Council of Uganda, further noted that the central Government web portal will help Government, the General public and professionals like Journalist to monitor Government Institutions in services delivery.

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He said journalists have been facing challenges in accessing Government information due to bureaucracy but with the portal all the information will be available to the general public.


  • Ellz

    not bad…we’re following closely in Ghana’s footsteps. Hope the e-gov’t is completed soon

    • rogekk

      I think e-govt is still in it’s advanced stages,