Uganda’s Top 10 Female Bloggers That You Must Follow

Top 10 female bloggers in Uganda

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Like a sneeze, these are the most uncontainable Ugandan female bloggers who have generously crafted and created content on the inter-web through the different platforms for blogging. They are in no particular order but all of them represent great opinions and are our heroines in the space of blogging.

1. Karen Kana (Chocolatyprints)

Straight from being the only female nominee in blogger of the year category at second edition of the Uganda Social Media Awards (SMAs).

Karen is a wordsmith on steroids , very unstoppable and very determined to express her love for food through striking words and firing up pictures all accompanied by her experience as a serial restaurant hopper typically playing hard but staying on the job. She serves you with passion and servitude all under one roof at her wordpress hosted blog chocolatyprints.

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She pens down her thoughts and experiences and often gives you a chance to walk a million miles in her world. Sometimes, she penalizes your gustatory senses with the servile of FOOD by assassinating you with etchings of food porn but in her generous moments she often posts the recipes. She’s so meticulous with detail that I once burnt my kitchen to ashes when I didn’t follow her recipes to detail while preparing one of her famous yummy banana cupcakes (I guess I will finish that story on another day).

When not blogging about affairs of the stomach. Karen is spooling our “girlfriends” by teaching them bad manners like shopping online and sparking their adrenaline by getting them addicted to emulate her. She understands all the affairs of fashion politics, so if you are a fashion “geek” this is your go to blog. The favorite part of her blog is when she summons (profiles and interviews) fashionistas, fashion designers and other fashion adroit for her blog devotees.

2. Hellen Nyana Kakoma

Nyana KakomaHer blog is like a typical Ugandan home of course when you a visitor for 2 hours . It’s a place you sit, eat (mentally read) and never want to leave. Nyana has mastered the art of having all the supply of all stories Uganda, sort of explains why her blog is called “sooo many stories” she keeps the prose and poetry flowing  like a spring she’s the gift that keeps on giving and never runs out of what to give exclusively Ugandan content.

Visiting her blog shows how uninformed Google is, on Uganda poetry and you may want to talk to Larry Page and Sergey Brin to instruct the Google Search-Engineering team to re-engineer Google PageRank algorithm using her blog has a case study. She’s your go to blog when it comes to Ugandan poetry, folktales, legends and myths, fables, book reviews, film reviews and excerpts of plays.

She’s so passionate about authors, poets and playwrights that she has every writer on speed dial and often holds recitals with Shakespeare *wait isn’t Shakespeare dead* well she’s using her blog to raise the next Ugandan Shakespeare please visit it to see what am talking about. However on a more serious note according to she has been published in The Suubi Collection, The Caine Prize Anthology (2013), Jalada, The Storymoja blog and check out her blog over here

3. Marie Nate (Redlipsteeq)


Everyone and by everyone I mean people who read blogs in Uganda are always asking Whosthatchic™ well she’s the @RedLipsteeq chick on Twitterville. This girl is bonafide crazy she drops it like it’s hot like that Unapologetic Bad Girl that your cousin warned you about but would love to da**.

On her blog she speaks(writes) about sex like she speaking about the keyboard keys q-w-e-r-t-y. She talks about the subject with the same ease that Senga Natume talks about sex in Luganda. I mean stuff just drops like bumm… right in your face, okay if you under 40 years of age and you reading this article please drop off before the next paragraph to the next blogger in the 4th position.

My 40 and overs let’s get real …So at ages 15 or 16 we were incredibly curious about sex and why our parents, teachers and adults around us were so against our experimentation with sex and why it was frowned upon if we dared to air our curiosity about it in a typical African setting. So let’s fast track this post to after our first sexual encounter, shall we? Unfortunately I will have to stop here please head over Marie Nate’s blog this website analytics show that it’s visited by people even below 18 years.

She wears many hats besides the #50ShadesOfMaria and the other hat being the blogging Mary Luswata where she preys on bimbos… hold it right there pick up a handkerchief and head over to her blog to read this particular blog post a personal favorite of mine THE LAST OF A DYING BREED.


Well back from that commercial break.

4. Darlyne Komukama

Darylne KomukamaShe’s a photography “beastress” and was an outstanding nominee of best photography in this year’s Uganda Social Media Awards (SMAs) alongside industry greats like Oscar Ntege. They say pictures speak a million words well they forgot to continue with the phrase that Darylne’s pictures speak a billion words as a continuation.

Well, what do you expect from a lady capturing moments on a Canon Rebel T5? I will save you the bother of expectation and give it to you on a silver plate, Darlyne captures moment like no other “female” photographer in this #256 nation and it gets worse than “bad”, when she uses an Olloclip Lens her pictures could make a blind woman see.

Only go to visit her blog if you heart is devoid of envy for great pictures but I can certainly guarantee you will envy Darlyne’s incessant travels to beautiful places like Zanzibar and some parts of beautiful Uganda and her capturing them on camera better than no other person is another episode of Keeping with Darlyne . She’s a blogging nomad her blog is hosted on tumblr and also runs another blog called  bodydictatorship on tumblr.

In denouement, she’s Ansel Adams or Jay Maisel long lost African daughter. I only hope she gets discovered by her parents through this prose piece.

5. Sarah Namulondo

Sarah NamulondoSarah Namulondo is the blogger to follow if you want to avoid getting fired, if you want to get hired or you just want to be cheered up at work or if you simply want to avoid getting jeered at by your supervisor at work or who knows maybe you could get decorated with promotion after promotion.  In a nut shell, she’s a personal development coach wait… and who wouldn’t want to get personal tutoring from a female coach that has seen it all, done it all and even practiced what she preaches.

When blogging, Sarah generously takes you through her past failures without mincing with words and when contemplative she takes you on a marathon of her journey and thoughts all available on “just-click-here-currency”. She’s that kind of person that our parents always told us to be friends with in school and university follow her blog and thank me later it’s over here.

6. Rosebell Kagumire

She’s an award-winning blogger, decorated with 5 stars as a blogger not self-proclaimed but all happened when her blog won the Waxal- Blogging Africa Awards, first African journalist blogging awards in 2009. Her reporting on peace and security was recognized at the 2008 Ugandan Investigative Journalism Awards hosted by Makerere University Department of Mass Communication. This is the kind of blog am sure Joseph Kony treats as his wikipedia on conflict in Uganda.rosebell_Kagumire

She’s an online activist who does not just stop at “click-vitism” but gives significant human rights coverage on her blog. She has the guts to tackle on volatile subjects like conflict, term limits and blogs about important things that matter to Africans but we don’t seem to take them serious so get saved today by starting to follow her blog and let us know what you think.

By the way she takes great pictures. Too bad she’s stopped blogging judging by her last blog postdate on her personal blog here.

7. Ruth Aine Tindyebwa

She used to be a great tech-blogger yes I know that sounds a little past tense but like the saying goes “Bwino ta vundda” translated (written pieces don’t rot) her blog posts still sleep on the servers with our “brothers” at PCTech … moment of silence … rest in peace for the beautiful tech prose pieces sleeping away on the PCTech servers.

She still blogs but for someone in the space of tech-blogging I can only cry out loud #BringBackOurGirl along with her incredible great prose pieces. You will not know why am weeping until you feast your eyes on her content very empowering out of respect for someone who started blogging way way… before I was born fyi (she started blogging on 26th March 2009) on observation you will notice she has over the years slowly distributed her opinion on Twitterville instead of blog posts but often time the blogging gods keep on calling and she shares some blog posts with us. Check out her very interesting blog at

8. Patricia Kahill

This forever young ebullient lady is an engine of creative thoughts and over the years she’s been more than involved in this blogging “thingy”. She worked with our “brothers” at Dignitied also formerly where she contributed several blog posts on startups in Uganda, gadgets, telecoms and other tech related stories. On top of doing commendable work at UGO Uganda – Libilinks and Pc Tech Magazine.


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Patricia is one who earns dollars from the craft of blogging and she has managed to marry blogging and content marketing so well ,that you can’t foresee a divorce in years to come who knows I may run to her blog when I hang-up my pro bono writing boots.

She’s very well-rounded in the sense of blogging and very spot on and severely spontaneous on any subject of her interest but with all due respect to this blogging GREAT she has lately eloped with the new boy next door “social networking sites” and a lot of her “would-be” blogs end up being unfairly served on the streets of Twitterville and other vile platforms, well we hear that pays the bills as a Social Media Consultant but Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter #bringbackourgirl however you can find her blogs at Patricia Kahill.

9. Esther Kalenzi

esther KalenziThis young lady (come on Robert are you any older), well this 20-something year old, spirited lady is using all her energy in baking a homegrown solution to Uganda’s biggest export to the Western World (read foreign donors) you you… Ugandan *don’t hide your face* you know those problems I mean the exaggerations of the situation in the country by that NGO you work for that keeps on pitching to different donor agencies to that random 10 year old Mzungu-girl-tourist (if they look the part of potential prey).

Not a disclaimer but when you read Esther Kalenzi blogs especially the blog posts on the NTVUgandaBlog website you will get clearer objectivity on why Uganda should quit relying on the Western World to solve our problems. Having listened to “Pastor Esther Kalenzi” and her living example of 40 Days over 40 Smiles. I couldn’t help a futuristic thought that maybe a pen could change the course of history in this #256 nation. It’s unbelievable to know that Ugandans are giving back to fellow Ugandans in need. Please follow the blog at and give back to your mother Uganda by joining the 40daysover40similes campaign.

10. Siima Sabiti Kanyindo

Kanyindo’s Random Ramblings are as random as a kindergarten pupil’s painting hand book though sometimes while stalking her blog I am meant to believe I am reading partly her journal and the finer details of her diary away from that cyber-stalking update. I am indebted to Kayindo sorry Siima in this case for bringing me updates for the Rated Next Uganda TV show for someone like me who doesn’t get time to watch TV and by the way gladly prefers textual to visual content, I have effortlessly followed the show through her blog updates.

Sabiti Sibiti


Her ramblings on the Rated Next tarriance contain punch lines that will keep your eyes glue at the center of your laptop-display-unit in other news her blog is the ultimate hack for winning the Rated Next Uganda TV show and yours truly is ditching the pen to hit the road for the Kampala auditions with my new stage name Bad Man Fire Messiah (I kid you not) well you will only gerrit (I mean the joke you don’t seem to get) when you follow Kanyindo’s blog.

Honorary mentions to the following ladies for their equally outstanding blogs and you should follow the hyperlinks as soon as you read the last full stop on this post Charlotte Beauvoisin, Chickabouttown, Sophie Rarebeauty, Grace Nafuna and feel free to add any names and links in the comment section.

  • Thanks for the honarary mention – it made my day! 🙂 I don’t know many of the bloggers on this list, but I sure am looking forward to checking out their blogs.

  • Waiswa Batambuze

    Wow quite a very objective list. But there are still very many new female bloggers on board. So meanwhile, when is the list for the male bloggers dropping?