Uganda’s Cabinet approves The data protection and privacy bill

A key legislation is underway to create a framework within which data collected on individuals is to be used. The data protection and privacy bill,still in its formulation stages is intended according to the Minister of Information and Governance  Ms Rosemary Namayanja to Safeguard the interests of individuals whose information is collected by government,public institutions and private entities.

 The ICT minister has been sanctioned by the cabinet  to issue instructions to the first parliamentary counsel to draft the bill.

“There has been no law to safeguard the data collected or to ensure that it is used only for purposes for which it was intended”

said the Minister as she addressed a press conference at the media centre.

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The bill was approved against these seven princinples:

1. To effect article 27 of the constitution by providing for the protection of private and personal data.

2. To safeguard the interests of individuals whose information or data is gathered or collected by government Public institutions and private entities.

3. To provide for rights of individuals whose data is collected and processed.

4. To provide for the regulation of collection, holding, processing and use of personal data.

5. To ensure that rights of individuals during data collection and processing are upheld against the threats and attacks capable of compromising the rights of the information.

6. To provide mechanism for redress and remedies in case the rights of individuals are infringed.

7 . To provide for administrative mechanisms of ensuring that the processing of personal data is conducted in accordance with the procedures set out in the law to ensure that the privacy of the information relating to individuals is protected

Such a law centered on safeguarding the rights of individuals should ensure that citizens are fully aware of their rights and know when they are being breached.

This is the age of data and Demand is high by businesses, security agencies etc, attempts to get this information may even go against  what is seen as legal, legislation should therefore  put in place the right security measures to safeguard private information from breach and misuse intentionally or unintentionally.