Uganda’s best app now has 200,000 downloads on the Google play store

Playing the initial version of the Matatu Game

Matatu–the groundbreaking Ugandan made gaming app that has stormed our smartphones in the recent year has reached a crucial milestone. This week the developers, Kola Studios, have announced that their Matatu game app has surpassed 200,000 downloads on the Google Play Store. This is a major milestone for the app as it continues to garner more than 10,000 new downloads per month on average. Achieving six figure downloads, especially in Uganda where smartphone penetration is just 4% of the population, is a testament to how addictive, fun and unique Matatu is, making it the most popular app in Uganda developed by Ugandans.

Matatu is not the only game the developers at Kola Studios have also developed, other games and their catalogue now includes;-  Mosquito Rush, Last Card Spar, Keiko, Tapt, Zword, Karata and Twendele. Their flagship product Matatu is a two-player card game based on a local game in Uganda of the same name. The success of Matatu is more than astonishing and in recent months over half of the new downloads are from the local audience. The top two countries by number of downloads are Uganda (68%) and Kenya (14%).

“It is very exciting to see the continued successful growth of Matatu,” states Daniel Okalany, CEO of Kola Studios. “It was only about a year ago that we surpassed 100,000 downloads and it’s a great accomplishment to see our audience double in such a short time.”

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Kola Studios continues to to update the app with enriching graphics and functions to improve the user experience. This will no doubt contribute to both local and international growth.