Ugandans; Why complain about the “bad” morals in series and movies? It’s solemnly your fault!

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Geek week 2015 posts[blockquote right=”pull-right”]
[/blockquote]You will immerse yourself in wonder and amazement at the tremendous rate at which Ugandans are getting updated info on whatever the cinema world has got to offer. Getting the latest movies and episodes to the much-anticipated series making rounds across the globe is something that is as easy as preparing an omelet.  Should that be alarming or should it be a point of jubilation that we are growing with the other states at large or we are simply in an illusion state?

Well, who wants to miss out on the latest series and movies available online or the nearest cinema? With the readily available and fast growing internet services, that movie or series is just a click away. Okay! After all maestro antics and mafia methods are fielded by whoever can’t wait any longer to catch that most sought after and greatly talked about movie or series, should Ugandans really be complaining about the “bad” morals in these series and movies?

A little flashback to how we used to be before the digital revolution caught up with Ugandans, shows that we had to wait to ages till we could watch that blockbuster or series and then it would have lost the ‘juice’ that surrounded it.

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Back to my question again, should Ugandans be complaining about the outcomes that beseech these series or movies? Should they really be on social media blogging about their opinions as regards the explicit content in the series? Or should they simply fold their ego and shut the fuck up?

Ask a random question on who follows the right criteria to acquire a movie and you will only find a portion of 2% who are merely legit and actually get the rights to these blockbusters and series. Explicit or not, viewers regardless of age are fast accessing series and movies that are not rightly accrued for their consumption but either way they somewhat have them at their disposal. The question of how they access them is one that has for the past time failed to find a definite answer and lasting solution.

“Who is to blame for the demise that is relentlessly becoming of our children as time goes by?”

Who is to blame for the demise that is relentlessly becoming of our children as time goes by? Anyone would swear to do whatever it takes now to get that latest episode of FOX’s killer series Empire, HBO’s Game of Thrones or a throwback on the much-loved Star’s Spartacus series.

We have for the past times preached against the Western Culture which is an evil among our children but have for the past times too failed to elude and fight it. The Gay outcroppings, the Illuminati related issues, the seemingly indecent dressing, the vulgar language to mention but a few. Well it’s the now generation that determines the then generation so clearly whatever is happening is as a result of our own deeds.

Copyright is something that has never found its way home to the land of expired teargas and certainly will take a whole lot of a while to be fully instituted. If there’s a country that has relentlessly eluded the law of copyright, then Uganda should award itself a medal of shame for that indecent act. Pirating has for a while infiltrated the movie industry in Uganda and the rate at which such is happening is alarming. This is killing us I must say! The companies that have the rights to the movie blockbusters and epic series have to be paid but never get to be paid because of Pirates. Because of piracy, film industries have lost tremendous amounts of money and are still counting losses as a result.

“If you can’t stomach it, just don’t watch it…”

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Jussie Smollett, Plays the Gay Character in the famous black Empire Series

Well, off from the sympathizing with the FOX, HBO and the likes, I now turn my wrath to the Ugandans that are lamenting and crying about how their children are being spoilt with the content they are watching from these movies and series. Because, they criteria to acquire such content are not duly obliged, it’s only fair that no parent complains about the outcomes. The acquisition of these series and movies is done illegally so the content that is availed to the audience is highly explicit and the owners don’t really give a damn about what it has got to offer; either good or bad.

No Ugandan pays any monthly subscription to FOX, HBO, Netflix or any of these US based content providers, instead you download or buy the CDs of the Series worth UGX 2,000 from the street and later hit social media and start complaining about how the US is throwing their Illuminati or gay agenda into series and incarcerate bad morals into your kids. Let’s get one fact clear, this content is not meant to be for the Ugandan market, so if you can’t stomach it, just don’t watch it.

We should not sit back and throw tantrums at the brains behind these so-called child-spoiler series but understand that this is an American culture, that we believe is bad, and accept that piracy will kill a greater part of our creativity and authenticity.

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