This is what Ugandans Googled in 2015: Sex tapes, Politics and Illuminati

top 10 2015 google trends in Uganda1

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As the year comes to an end, expect to see more posts and trends that made 2015 such a tremendous year in and out of the tech circles. More than often, when one needs to find some crucial information on the internet, many of us run to Google to get that quick fix. In Uganda, just like in any other country a lot of topics got trending online and on social media. Google has smartly separated these trends into four categories, viz; Current Affairs, How To.., Overall Trending searches and What is… Let’s have a look at what Ugandans Googled in 2015.

From famous text tapes and nude picture leaks, Desire Luzinda and Bukedde TV News Anchor Sanyu Robina Mweruka got people ranting, the recent Illuminati craze, the 2015 world cup and the pope’s visit seems to be the talk of the town. The deaths of several know figures like local female musician Harriet Kisakye, NTV news anchor Rose Mary Nankabirwa and Army veteran Gen Aronda Nyakairima were trending on Google. Seems people were also curious to know about  Hon Amama Mbabazi after he declared his bid to run as an independent Presidential candidate against his longtime ally and friend President Yoweri Museveni.

What Ugandans Googled in 2015 includes the “how to” category that gives you an insight on the kind of knowledge Uganda internet users crave. Like how to join Illuminati, how to write an invitation letter, how to lose weight in a week and how to become rich. Perhaps the most surprising of them is How to make Mandazi  and wanna be pastors googled How to conduct a deliverance service (just when we thought this was a gift from God for the anointed few).  Ugandans where also curious to know what is cancer, Ebola, Illuminati, Xenophobia and the internet. In the current affairs category; Paris Attacks, Syria, Burundi, Pope’s visit and MAM awards got people talking.

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Check out the list of the top 10 2015 Google trends in Uganda per category in the table below

Current Affairs  
3Brudi Coup
4African Cup of Nations
5Miss Uganda
6Maywether Vs Pacquiao
7Pope Francis in Uganda
8Paris Attacks
9Charlie Hebdo
10MAMA Awards
How To…
1How to code variables in amos
2How to join Illuminati Uganda
3How to make paper bags
4How to wirte an invitation letter
5How to lose weight in a week
6How to calculate Pregnancy months
7How to become rich
8How to mandazi
9How to conduct deliverance service
10How to bake a cake
Overal Trending Searches
1Aronda Nyakayirima
2Harrient Kisaye
3Floyd Mayweather
4Desire Luzinda
6Sanyu Robinah Mweruka
7Amama Mbabazi
8Lamar Odom
9Rose Mary Nankabirwa
10Pope Francis
What is
1What is illuminati?
2What is internet ?
3What is the risk of cancer with gut polyps?
4What is the time now in Uganda?
5What is the exchange rate of euro in Uganda shillings ?
6What is ebola?
7What is performance appraisal ?
8What is Xenophobia?
9What is immigration?
10What is my ip address?