Ugandans connecting to the Diaspora using SnapChat

Ugandans on Snapchat1

Ever wondered how your fellows you call the ‘Basummer’ live their life in the diaspora? Well a group of young minds from different countries have found just a remedy to the long distance gap that was brought as result of others leaving the country

Consequently, a team of four young minds from different countries saw a ripe ground that seemed to bring Ugandans back at home and those in the diaspora to a common platform and they sought solace in fast growing platform SnapChat to make this possible.

Ugandans On Snapchat running on the @code256-ug handle is the new profound big family that today unites Ugandans at home  and those in the diaspora.  “Its a platform for Ugandans all over the world can interact with the public. So everyday a different person takes over the account for 24 hours, people ask them all sorts of questions which they answer”, intimates Theo Esther Mwesigye a team member

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“Basically we wanted to bridge the gap between Ugandans in diaspora and the ones back home . So that’s how the idea came about and that’s where the motivation comes from’, she adds

Having started a few months ago, Ugandans on Snapchat brings close to 1,000 different Ugandans living abroad to an interactive platform that keeps up with the trend of lifestyle. “we have about 1000 plus followers but we still pushing for more, so tell a friend to tell a friend to add us”, says a jolly Theo.

Daily, someone is given the liberty to share their lifestyle from wherever they are in the world. People send in their questions to the host and the sessions go on for 24hours. “If someone wants to host all the have to do is send an email to ‘’ , we shall reply and work out a day for you.” adds Theo

The idea is kinda like a talk show but a different host and it’s on Snapchat and open to anyone interested.

The team that is from all over the world and includes Joseph Maloba in Uganda, Alex Ainomugisha in China, Levie Davis in South Africa and Theo Esther Mwesigye in South Africa