Ugandan Telecom companies losing millions in malicious mischief

cellular tower

According to a report from the New vision, the Government has been urged to crack the whip on vandalism of telecommunication equipment. Rampant thefts have been reported by the Telecom  companies especially fuel and battery power backup theft despite the security measures that the companies have taken. Since last year the telecom operators have urged the government to intervene but nothing has been done so far.

“Rampant and mindless vandalism is destroying service delivery.In Kenya, if you are found vandalising telecom equipment, you go to jail. But in Uganda, it is a few thousand shillings as fine and nothing happens after”

— David Holliday, the managing director of Uganda Telecom, said last week.

Telecoms have in the recent past cited lapses in infrastructure, some caused by vandals, for the ever increasing cost of mobile Telecommunication. The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) MD,
Godfrey Mutabazi partly imputed the poor quality of telecom services to vandalism.

Source: New vision