Ugandan MPs to be trained to use their iPads: Radio listeners at local station express their anger (Audio Recording)

According to a report from New Vision yesterday, the 375 Ugandan MPs who recently received their iPads in the name of reducing their prodigious expenses on stationary saving the country about $ 1.2m (UGX 30bn) annually. It has now been discovered that most of the legislators are struggling to comprehend the applications on their iPads and that’s where the fun begins. Seems there is a bit of a step learning curve for the most popular tablet on the planet for the Ugandan legislators. This has  forced parliament to schedule training for a section of legislators who are not tech shrewd.

Equating the parliamentarians to 3 year old kids

The purchase of iPads for MPs at sh1b has demonstrated a polarizing issue with the Ugandan population most of which  questioning the principle of buying such gadgets for people who can clearly afford them. Today morning, the public’s opinions at a local radio station has been overwhelming, as some listeners where equating the parliamentarians to 3 year old kids and fools that have no sense having little or no confidence in them. At some points the radio presenter had to give a disclaimer and some sarcastic comments as the show was getting heated with people anger about the issue at hand.

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Some came out to call out on what kind of applications the mps would use on their iPads– MS Office, Safari, Outlook, Google search– and the listener was wondering what kind of training the MPs would need to use such basic apps.

One caller who seemed to be an IT tech guru called in an pointed out that such a huge investment in gadgets obviously mandated training to go along with it  to ensure that people don’t blame the machines in case things don’t work. Well without saying much we have an audio recording for you above.