Ugandan government bans use of cellphones in Secondary schools

Early this week, the Ugandan government banned the use of mobile phones in all schools. The Education and sports Minister, in a statement, said her Ministry maintains the position that no student shall be allowed to possess a mobile phone in school for whatever reason.

According to the new vision, the minister gave the following reasons to come to their decision

“1) Government registered an overwhelming rate of exam malpractices. This was particularly noted when students were reported to use phones to receive questions and answers of leaked examinations prior to sitting UNEB Examinations.

2) Young females cannot be protected effectively if there is completely no control of mobile phone usage in schools.

3) Mobile phones may be used to encourage the use of illegal drug abuse in schools and to promote criminal behavior in various circumstances.”

— Ministry of Education

Head teachers will have to work hand in hand with with Telecom Service Providers to avail  phone booths that will enable students to be in touch with their parents in a controlled manner.

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Students will now make use of alternative technological advancement using ICT Equipment already present in many schools other than phones.

The New Vision