The Ugandan Communications Commission (UCC) gives NBS Television notice of suspension over Tamale Mirundi

You might have come across a clip of controversial political commentator, Tamale Mirundi making rounds on social media after he attempted to attack Simon Muyanga Lutaaya who also doubles as the show host and moderator. This all happened on Tuesday 9th May 2017 on the NBS Extra: One on One  with Tamale Mirundi show that has proved popular amongst the Ugandan populace.

Whilst this went unnoticed by many but not from the prying eyes of the regulator,the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) that has cited similar occurrences on 30th November 2015, 5th and 10th October 2016 and 14th March 2017 and issued a strong notice to NBS calling for the suspension of its licence. The aforementioned occurrences too called for similar warnings and imposing of fines on the broadcaster over what is termed as breach of minimum broadcasting standards.

The letter goes on to read that the commission is appalled, concerned and takes strong exception for the conduct and language used by Tamale Mirundi. UCC therefore cited section 29th of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 that stipulates that the broadcaster/licence holder, it’s the producer and the disseminating apparatus shall ensure that the broadcast is not contrary to public morality.

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And as such, words and actions of the controversial political figurehead, Tamale Mirundi didn’t adhere to the above provisions by promoting a culture of violence and ethical prejudice contrary to the minimum broadcasting standards as spelt out in section 31 and Schedule 4 of the Act.

The letter goes once again citing the repeated breach and UCC exerting its mandate as by section 41 of the Uganda Communications Act 2013 to issue NBS Television 60 days of suspension of its licence with a strong warning that should the the broadcaster fail to respond to the notice, its licence will be suspended.

Also, NBS should desist from broadcasting content that is on breach of the minimum broadcasting standards.

NBS has risen to prominence thanks to its political coverage and commentary but this hasn’t been short of controversy like the recent public feud with another social turned political commentator Frank Gashumba who has since parted ways with the Kamwokya based station.

And now NBS Extra: One on One With Tamale Mirundi with its cult like following has joined the controversy ranks. However, it is one of the station’s highly rated political commentary shows even with its unfavorable time slot but still manages to draw a large audience.

Please find the letter below