Uganda to host the 21st East African Communication Congress


UCC_HouseKAMPALA– All is set for Uganda to hostthe 21st East African Communication Congress and 2nd ICT Exhibition of the East Africa Communications Organisation (EACO) next month. The twin-event shall take place at the Sheraton Hotel Kampala from June 22-26, 2015.

Hosted by the Uganda Communications Commission, the 21st EACO Congress, whose theme is: Digital Inclusion in East Africa”, shall take place at Sheraton Hotel Kampala on June 26, 2015. Among others, there will be a Ministerial Round Table (for Ministers responsible for ICT in EAC), election of the new chairperson, and consideration and approval of amendments to the Constitution.

His Excellency President Yoweri Museveni has been invited to be the Guest of Honour. This Congress will attract at least 300 delegates. These will include Dr Richard Sezibera (Secretary General of East African Community), Mr Jose Toscano (Director General of the International Telecommunications Satellite Organisation), his deputy, Mr Patrick Masambu (former Executive Director of UCC).

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Mr Abdoulkarim Soumaila (Secretary General of Africa Telecommunications Union), Mr Younouss Djibrine, Secretary General of Pan Africa Postal Union), and Andrew Andrew Rugege (ITU Regional Director for Africa) will also attend.

Ministerial Round Table

In addition, there will be a Ministerial Round Table for Ministers responsible for ICTs to discuss the developments and trends in the ICT sector in the East African region. The meeting also aims to enhance awareness of the ministers on the role of EACO in the regional ICT eco-system.

Pre-Congress Workshop on Digital Inclusion and Internet Governance

The Congress will be preceded a Workshop on Digital Inclusion and Internet Governance, which is intended to reinforce the theme of the Congress. It targets policy makers, legislators, ICT-affiliated organisations, academia, EACO members, ICT consumer organisations, among other stakeholders. The workshop will be facilitated by the Internet Society, a partner on capacity building on Internet-related issues.

2nd EACO ICT Exhibition

As part its capacity building and ICT awareness programmes, EACO institutionalised a regional ICT Exhibition for the five EAC Members States which is organised every two years side by side with its Congress. The maiden EACO Exhibition was held in Nairobi in June 2013. UCC, in conjunction with EACO’s Ad hoc Committee on ICT Exhibition, is organising the exhibition.

These exhibitions, which attract local, regional and international ICT exhibitors aims to gain new knowledge and build their capacities; interact and share experiences; network and create partnerships.

They will also showcase their products, innovative services and ICT solutions; promote the creation of wealth through research and innovation; and help EACO expand its revenue-generation base.