Uganda to Host 2014 East Africa ICT Security Summit

On Apr. 25 Cyber Security Africa has organized the third annual East Africa Banking and ICT Security Summit in Kampala under the theme; ‘Strengthening Banking and ICT development in Africa’.

The one day event co-hosted by National Information Technology Authority Uganda (NITA-U) and ICT Association of Uganda will explore solutions to banking fraud, IT security threats, risk and regulatory issues affecting financial institutions, government agencies and other organizations.

The Executive Director at NITA-U, James Saaka told The Independent that

The Authority has developed a National Information Security Framework which fulfills Government of Uganda’s pledge to protect citizens, national resources and systems against computer-enabled espionage, fraud, sabotage and vandalism. The timing of the workshop is perfect for us to validate this framework with one of the most controlled sectors to ensure that it serves to promote and ingrain a culture of cyber security in our institutions.

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The summit is sponsored by IBM, EliteVad Dubai, Fintech Group, Sab among others and it will focus on identifying the technical, environmental and business risks that lead to service vulnerability which at times weaken consumer confidence that ultimately erode brand value and cause revenue declines. Delegates will further discuss ideas on articulating and implementing appropriate information risk management strategies, specifically looking at key security issues on core banking systems, software, mobile banking, cards and payments, fraud and risk management solutions.


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