Uganda Telecom’s branding gets some cosmetic surgery: Is it enough to save the dwindling mobile operator?

Admits rumors of being acquired by several other telecoms like MTN  this hasn’t stopped the oldest telecom company in Uganda from doing some brand house cleaning.  As of today UTL has re-branded their logo and polished up some parts of its old legacy logo and fonts in an attempt to keep up with the times. According to their facebook page, the company aims to make changes that will reflect a youthful spirit and emphasize that they are still young at heart.

The new brand colors are more vibrant blue and less of the previous ‘in your face’ blue, now with a milky white that the company claims has tested positive with public so far.  We are not sure if this re-branding will  bring extra cash for the company but till then, we wait and see. Does the new logo make you feel like hooking up yourself with some of UTL’s services? Leave us a comment in the section below.