Uganda Telecoms attempts a return : We are going back to the Basics

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Despite rumors of the MTN acquisition of Uganda Telecom (UTL), the company is staying strong through the stormy weather and are starting to re-emerge and trying to give their customers a better deal.

It should be recalled that UTL was in desprate need of cash due to the UN sanctions were placed on the assets owned by the Gaddafi’s Libya during the Libyan Crisis in 2011.The Libyan government under it’s investment arm LAP Green owns 69% shares in UTL. During this period money was in short supply as UTL was dawdled by the competition , which further weaken the once strong brand since the early 2000s. Lately the company has been speculated either to sell-off – of assets – and laying off over 100 employees, in the name of cutting costs.

All that is about to change as the Managing director David Holliday, assures us.

“We are starting to re-emerge and trying to give our customers a better deal. …..We are also aiming for better quality of services.My job is to make sure UTL gets back on track and competitive. As you may have noticed, it is currently much more visible at the moment We at UTL believe that if a customer buys UTL airtime, it is their hard earned money, and it should remain available to them to make calls or send sms messages whether their credit is 2 months or 2 years – or even more”

— David Holliday, Managing Director UTL
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UTL is launching more services like an Interactive Voice Response Service (IVR) available in five languages – Luganda, Kiswahili, Runyakitara, Luo and English -, meant to make customer service much more efficient.This will help customers spend less time in the queue waiting for customer care representative.

Other promotions that have involved use of local celebrities are underway and UTL is not about to be stopped what it has just reignited.