Uganda Telecom Managing Director Resigns

Ali Amir UTL MDNews just reaching our desks indicates that Uganda Telecom Limited’s (UTL) Managing Director Mr Ali Amir has resigned for reasons currently unknown. Details on whether he was forced to quit or he’s moving on to bigger things are still scanty.

According to our sources the UTL boss threw in the towel this week as it is believed that Mr Amir’s employers were not impressed with his performance as MD and also some sources have anonymously given feedback to us citing that the staff were not happy with his handling of their NSSF and other benefits although the latter seems unlikely the reason as to why he has resigned.. Mr Amir has been in this position since August 2013, and has tried to revive the struggling telecom company. Before coming to Uganda he was the President and also CFO at QuickLink communications since 2008.

He is a  business leader with stints in multiple emerging markets across Asia, Africa, Middle East and Latin America coupled with roles in multiple European Union markets.Specific industry experience in telecoms, technology, FMCG and pharmaceuticals with global leaders such as PriceWaterhouseCoopers, GlaxoSmithKline, Millicom/TIGO and TELE2. A proven track record of stellar achievements and quick promotions with all previous employers.

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CTO also fired

Chief Technical Officer Yasser AboueleneinThe Chief Technical Officer Yasser Abouelenein has also been asked to leave the company as Lap GreenN Group is trying to clean house. The UTL network has never been upgraded for years now, as all plans that have ever been made where always put under the shelf year on year.

The UTL board reportedly accused Amir and his colleagues of mismanaging the company ‘beyond repair’ failing to grow its market share over years.