Uganda Telecom Introduces Whatsapp customer care service

Uganda telecom whatsapp customer care

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[/blockquote]Tired of staying in the calling queue waiting for a customer care agent to attend to you? Uganda Telecom has today launched a platform where subscribers can access customer care services via Whatsapp. A first in the telecom sector in Uganda, Uganda Telecom aims to utilize what is arguably the world’s most popular texting app, for customer service to reach to its customer base and those in need of their services.

The Whatsapp customer care number is 0717 700 700 and it is available for all inquiries about Uganda Telecom’s broad range of products and services including internet connections, mobile data connections, fixed lines.

“We are a telecom company that strives to improve our customer experience – cultivating interactions between our customers and us using multiple platforms. We always put the customer first and will keep on making it easier for our customers to interact with us; after all, it’s all about u,” said UTL’s Public Relations Officer, Tonny Achidria. “This means of communication has received tremendous acceptance within our corporate customers and we encourage the mobile customers to embrace it as well as the responses are prompt and immediate,” he added.

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