Uganda to have new high-tech flyovers by 2019


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[/blockquote]As more and more people Ugandans acquire personal and business vehicles, the road system seems to be stagnating and not able to keep up. This has caused a lot of traffic jam at several junctions in and around Kampala. Uganda and Japan have concluded a loan agreement for financing the construction of at least two flyovers in Kampala. A flyover is an overpass road or a high-level overpass that crosses over a highway interchange or intersection.

The Government of Japan will lend Uganda about UGX 559 billions for the proposed flyovers in the pilot areas they were identified by KCAA. These include one at Kitgum House intersection on Jinja Road, and the other at Queen’s Way on Entebbe Road.
The loan, which was signed recently, will come with a 0.01 per cent interest rate per annum and is to be repaid in 40 years. The construction of these flyovers is expected to ease the flow of traffic to and from the middle–class residential areas to the east and the southwest of Kampala. The tender and competitive bidding for the construction of the flyovers will be announced in February next year. A schedule of this project shows that all the proposed the flyovers will be complete in 2019. So we now ask you the reader, which other places in Kampala do you think need flyovers? Please leave your suggestion in the comment section below.


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