Uganda Embraces Air space Navigation Technology

Civil Aviation Authority
Image credit littlegatepublishing
Civil Aviation Authority
Image credit littlegatepublishing

The daily monitor has today reported that, Uganda has started implementing the use of Global Navigation Satellite System technology. This will enable pilots to travel around the airspace of a given country and there will be no need to informing Air navigators. This system is designed to have more accurate GPS information for pilots. Till recently, Uganda has been using radars and historical navigation to help pilots navigate its air space and the Civil Aviation Authority says it will be gradually phased out because of its limitations.

The Civil Aviation Authority Director Air Navigation Mr Richard Ruhesi, said

[signoff predefined=”Movie Review Signoff” icon=”icon-commented”]“We are shifting from the old ground based system that is more expensive and divides the pilot’s attention by continuously communicating to air navigators in the control room to a satellite based system that enables a pilot to freely navigate through narrow channels, With this technology, air navigators can have accurate information about the airspace and can give standard separation of the aircrafts,” [/signoff]

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The program is being done in collaboration with  European Union which also includes training human resource that will have the capacity to oversee the subsequent implementation.