UCC house

A one Etapu Sheba, a resident of Kisaasi in Kampala was been caught red-handed selling Africell SIM cards around city square, a direct felony and discordance of the order publicly issued by the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC). UCC was established under the Uganda Communications Act 2013, to among other things, to monitor, inspect, license and regulate the provision of telecommunication services in Uganda.

In order to avert the risks associated with the use of unregistered SIM cards, on March 28, 2017, the Uganda Communications Commission together with the Uganda Police Force resolved and directed all Telecommunication service providers and their agents to stop selling or otherwise vending SIM cards on the streets. But Sheba went against this directive and was arrested and charged by police and UCC on 12th April 2017. Details on screenshot below.

Etapu Sheba illegal SIM vendor arrested
Etapu Sheba charged by Police and UCC

In response, the telecom regulator has come out to echo and remind the business community and the general public that disobedience of this directive is contrary to section 117 of the Penal Code Act Cap 120, which criminalizes the disobedience of any lawful order issued by a public officer. The Uganda Communications Commission together with the Uganda Police shall not hesitate to arrest and prosecute any person found selling SIM Cards on the streets.

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UCC also urges the general public to report any persons vending SIM cards on the streets to any police station nearest to them or, report directly to the Uganda Communications Commission.