UCC MD Godfrey Mutabazi
UCC MD Godfrey Mutabazi

The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has directed all the telecom companies to deactivate all unregistered SIM cards at midnight on 29th March,2017. This will mean that all unregistered, pre-registered, or even the partially registered SIM cards will be deactivated tonight. It’s been believed that the unregistered SIM Cards are being used by criminals in their communication dealings, since they are easy to acquire, and also easy to throw away without trace.

In another development UCC is also instructing telecom companies to only issue a maximum of 10 SIM cards to an individual/subscriber. UCC has promised to penalize any telecom company that will fail to comply to this directive with a ‘huge fine’ of up to 10% of the telecom gross annual revenues.

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UCC has also instructed the telecom companies to only consider the National ID or the Passport has the only recognized form of identification in what the commission has termed as a CLEAN UP process of all Know Your customer (KYC) details.

Other identification documents like Work IDs, LC letters and even driving permits don’t capture all the necessary identification and are easily forged. Those who had previously registered fully shall be given more time to submit the required documents for verification, and that deadline will also be announced.