UCC to host the 4th National Conference on Communications in Mbarara

Uganda communications comission house

This year, the telecom regulator will host the 4th National Conference on Communications (NCC) in Western Uganda in Mbarara Town. The NCC is a specific biennial conference that joins together academia, researchers, government and industry practitioners, with the aim of building capacity, promoting and strengthening research and development of local solutions that are relevant in communications technology.  In conjunction with Institute of Computer Science of Mbarara University of Science and Technology, the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has invited all stakeholders for the event slated for Thursday and Friday, September 15-16, 2016 at the main campus (Kihumuro) in Mbarara District.

The conference will attract different participants from academia, scholars, industry practitioners and researchers from different ICT research institutes. A variety of elements of the conference will include Exhibitions, oral paper presentations, Posters, panel debates and exhibition of ICT prototype (and ready products) as well as research opportunities. The main theme of the 2016 conference is “Linking Modern ICT’s to National Development” which will bring together academia, researchers, industry practitioners and government to realise national development.

Below are the sub-themes:
i. Communication Systems;
ii. Next Generation Networks, Protocols and Services;
iii. Information Infrastructure;
iv. Broadcasting;
v. Energy and Communications;
vi. National ICT plans, policies and ICT in Health and Education, and; vii. ICT Services, Applications, e-Business and Security.