UCC cracks down on illegal “Bizindaalo” broadcasters in Kampala

UCC illegal broadcast crackdown 1
UCC's crackdown on illegal broadcast in Wabigalo

This week the Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has been busy. Together with NEMA’s environmental protection Unit and the Uganda Police the telecom regulator is cracking down on notorious noise polluters and illegal broadcasters in Kampala and surrounding suburbs.

The Uganda Communications Commission Act 2013, section 26(1), provides that “A person shall not or operate a television station, radio station, or any related broadcasting apparatus without a license issued by the commission”. A broadcast is any sound, video or data intended for simultaneous reception by the public.

The commission and the Uganda police have been cracking down on illegal broadcasters who use apparatus such as “Bizindaalo” or outdoor community broadcasting stations. The crack down has began in areas of Makindye, Wabigalo, Nsangi, Kyengela, Nabbingo, Kayunga,Nansana,Naluvule,Yesu Amala and Mukono.

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Operation also affected those who use “Bizindaalo” preaching (especially born again christians), an act that was seen by the public as the state “fighting God”.

On Wednesday last week, the regulator sent out a public notice in the print media warning of this operation sighting that these operations were illegal and a public nuisance. UCC also noted that they infringe on rights of citizens of peace and quiet in areas where bizindalos operate. In the notice UCC ordered all these illegal broadcasters to cease operations before the crackdown begins.