Godfrey Mutabazi UCC _ Data Tracking machine
Godfrey Mutabazi Speaks to Journalist at press conference

Many Ugandans feel cheated by their mobile network service providers especially when it comes to data usage. Most common complaints are due to fast depleting data bundles yet the costs of internet in Uganda is still high compared to other countries in the region.  This has seen some carriers launch promotions targeting data users like Africell’s recent don’t be cheated campaign.

Well, the Uganda communications commission (UCC) has a solution for this. During a recent press conference, the commission announced that they will soon switch on their newly procured a data bundle tracking equipment. This will help track the amount of data Ugandans buy from their respective mobile service providers at any a given period of time.

The UCC MD Mr Mutabazi Godfrey was optimistic that the newly procured data tracking equipment will be operational in about two or three months. All users have to do in order to used this service, is to go to a specific website (URL) that UCC will communicate at a later date, input their mobile phone number which will detect your carrier and show you your data usage. It will also be able to produce a data usage report that you can easily submit to UCC to investigate further in case you have any grievances. How the whole technology works, will be explained in a different article all together, but on the surface– this looks like this is the service that most Ugandans having long for in these tough economic times.

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Whether this “savior” machine will work as advertised by UCC is yet to be seen, but experts we’ve spoken to have already expressed their concerns in regards to privacy and security concerns when a new factor like this machine is introduced in tracking an individual’s bandwidth usage. From what UCC has explained, this looks like an opt-in service and if you are to use it there will be some terms and conditions to might have to abide to. This may include among others, surrendering your rights to some of your privacy privileges and allow third party tracking and who knows, may be also government surveillance.

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