The UberChoma promo could be a pilot for UberEats


On Friday Uber has a Nyama Choma promotion for its users within Kampala. Users using the app between 12pm – 2pm will have an option of requesting for free Nyama Choma after tapping the UberChoma option instead of the proverbial UberX option (This will still be available for those seeking to hail a ride). Nyama choma will thereafter be delivered to your destination by an Uber, free of charge.

Uber has partnered with a local restaurant Choma Zone Bar and Grill to see this promo through. A similar undertaking has just been concluded in Kenya and results are painting the whole process a success. It has now been extended to the Kampala workaholics and residents.

While UberChoma is reminiscent of UberEats, the former is limited to Nyama Choma steaks while the latter delivers a variety of meals. It has since branched from the main Uber app into a standalone app but the food delivery service  is only live in a few cities in Sub-Saharan Africa like Johannesburg and Pretoria. It is safe to assume that this as a pilot study for the much larger UberEats that offers a variety of meals besides meat steaks as is the case with UberChoma.

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Similarly, UberEats uses the same model of partnering with local restaurants within a given radius while delivery is accomplished by Uber drivers. However, it has a slightly larger menu displayed from which to choose from. The final price one pays is a combination of both the food and delivery costs which is displayed in the app.

UberEats users are advised to schedule their orders prior to their preferred meal time just like you would schedule a ride. If implemented, it will be a direct reply to Jumia Food that has enjoyed considerable success in terms of food delivery.

Jumia food is currently the de-facto leader of food delivery services in Kampala and are able to overcome the traffic clogged city by the use of two wheelers commonly known as “Boda Bodas”. Uber on the other hand uses traffic prone cars for its services which might give a lead advantage to Jumia food should UberEats launch. But until they launch a fully fledged UberEats service, we shall remain being speculative of their coming but once they do, cost, ease and quality of service will be determinant of who will win this battle.