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Image Credit: USA Today

Uber was recently celebrating 4 years of operating on the African continent and the celebrations did come with interesting Uber statistics.

Amongst them was Uber’s creation of over 29,000 jobs and these Uber drivers have moved over 1.8 Million riders. Of those riders, 230,000 trips have been scheduled meaning they’re were arranged prior to a driver picking up the rider.

The most interesting stat was the time and day different cities across Africa frequent Uber or do the most requests. As for Uganda, we mostly request for Uber on Friday normally at 23:00 in the wee hours of the night. After all, “Issa Friday” still holds up to today.

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It also turns out other African countries with Uber operations love Friday. South Africans also most request on Friday at 18:00 hours, Kenyans on Friday at 20:00 hours, Nigerians on Friday at 17:00 hours and Ghanaians on Friday at 21:00 hours. The only exception is Tanzania where they crossover to Saturday at 19:00 hours.

These stats only documented Sub-Saharan Africa while North Africa was left out otherwise big cities like Cairo also make up a commendable number of Uber rides.

Also, the estimated time of arrival is 3.67 minutes.. Meaning most trips take an average of 3.67 minutes for the riders to reach their destinations.

Whereas Uber has made great strides in Africa over the course of 4 years, it has only celebrated 1 year in Uganda having launched in June 2016 with Kampala being its 462nd city and the rest is history.