Uber set to launch a new food based on-demand service in Kampala this week


Uber Uganda has rather left a tantalizing food teaser on their social media pages for whats to come later this week. According to reliable sources, the ride sharing app company is set to launch a food based service just like the Uberchoma promotion that happened early this year in February.  The on-demand food service is expected roll-out this week on Friday morning between 9-11am.

Another foundation for UberEats?

Since its a food service, we expect Uber to partner with a local restaurant  to see this service through. As we’ve noted before, Uber seems to be coming in strong with the like of HelloFood and it is reminiscent of UberEats, the initial promo was limited to Nyama Choma steaks while the latter delivers a variety of meals. It has since branched from the main Uber app into a standalone app but the food delivery service  is only live in a few cities in Sub-Saharan Africa like Johannesburg and Pretoria. It is safe to assume that this as a pilot study for the much larger UberEats that offers a variety of meals besides meat steaks as is the case with UberChoma.

UberEats uses the same model of partnering with local restaurants within a given radius while delivery is accomplished by Uber drivers. However, it has a slightly larger menu displayed from which to choose from. The final price one pays is a combination of both the food and delivery costs which is displayed in the app.