Uber has today projected the future of Uganda’s ride hailing services. In a press conference held at Serena Hotel  Uber revealed that over 48,000 people use the service in Kampala and Entebbe alone, with the biggest percentage of rides requested during the wee hours of the weekends according to Uber’s head of communications Janet Kemboi.

According to Uber, 14% of the world’s total population use ride hailing services and the number is expected to rise to 25% by 2030. With Global warming on its rise,Uber plans to encourage development of green cities with less gas emissions from over packed cars by signing up more riders to reduce parking lots for sustainable cities .

Also, recent Uber statistics in Uganda show 14% of the total Uber drivers are female with 8 disabled drivers together with 1 deaf driver, most of whom are part-timers owing their 9-5 jobs. Uber was prompted to come up with new improvements to the app including the in-app feature to enable riders effectively communicate with drivers without any costs incurred, report abuse cases or any other cases throughout the journey.

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Self driving cars are expected to improve the ride hailing services through navigating to riders pickup locations. As tested in the United States earlier this year Uber is set to introduce  self driven cars to the ride hailing industry with expectations to reduce the number of cars on roads by 90% in territories where it operates including Uganda.

There is still a lot of work needed for this to be implemented in this regard but Uber is investing heavily in research to see it through and they believe it is the future.