Uber introduces a Whatsapp like in-app chat feature between the rider and the driver called infocom

Uber driver

Yesterday at the Cafe after a heavy downpour rendered any other transportation means unnecessary with the exception of Uber. I hailed an Uber to my pickup location and this time around, no call from the driver was directed towards my way about my whereabouts which was rather surprising.

Out of curiousity, I hit the driver contact information only to be greeted with Uber’s new chat feature called infocom. Instead of the conventional calls, I sent him a message  directing him to where I and my friends  were and on his arrival, off we went to our destination.

Don’t get me wrong. The calling feature is still there but infocom will at least ease our airtime bills or the drivers as it is cheaper to text than call with the advent of OTA messengers like WhatsApp, Messenger, Telegram and the like.

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Infocom works more like Whatsapp and can only be toggled once you tap the contact information of the driver on the rider’s side. However, I couldn’t locate any chat history once my trip concluded which I believe would help in customer feedback about the Uber experience.

If you’ve been keen, Uber has been introducing  features quietly starting with upfront pricing and the estimated time of arrival straight into the SnapChat integration that happened recently. Uber has now added instant messaging to this list.

While Instant messaging is a warm welcome, we are now looking at Uber introducing VoIP calls, much more like Whatsapp calls such that both riders and drivers can call each other using the app and the bill is reflected on their data instead of their airtime. We shall be waiting Uber.