Uber to get some competition with the launch of Fone Taxi in Uganda

Fone Taxi

Uber better get ready cause there is a new kid coming soon on the block. Fone Taxi a cab hailing service will soon be launched in Uganda and other countries in East Africa like Rwanda and Burundi to give every great driver on the road a platform to make money and create jobs. The company is currently rolling out in Kenya. This comes months after Uber set its foot in Uganda and excited the population with its services. Fone Taxi aims to make its service available initially in several more African countries like Zambia, Zimbabwe, Burundi and many others shortly and then launch in other markets out of Africa.

Just like Uber, passengers can request a ride from the App and within a short time an authorized car or bike will reach you. When you reach your destination you can Pay with Cash or Card and the app also allows rating of drivers and passengers. According to the App developer information on the PlayStore, Fone Taxi  is a taxi car/bike management system has in-built car/bike cost estimator plus a localized payment system according to the market. It also has traffic heat maps, GPS directions, trip history,  location, real-time communication and many more to help the driver get the best out of their car as well as secure the passenger.

Fone-Taxi says its mission is to change the way people choose to travel from difficult ,unsafe and slow travel to secure ,reliable , easy and fast traveling,  which connects passengers wishing to travel from one point to another within a particular city. to use Fone-Taxi, a user basically downloads the app as a “Fone Taxi Customer ” for a passenger and “Fone Taxi Driver” for a driver, they then register with Facebook or an email address then they can hail for a taxi from wherever they are.

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If you want to be a Fone Taxi driver, expect a more lengthy process as there’s need for car inspection, driver testing, license and legal documents, criminal search among others before one is vetted onto the platform.
After a user taps “request a ride” , the app will automatically locate their address using GPS; then the passenger will confirm their location and wait for the car to arrive. The available driver sees your order and offers you an estimated time of arrival to your location and the passenger either accepts the driver or blocks him or her. A passenger is able to see a driver’s ratings, photo, tariff, car type and pickup time. After arrival, a user chooses to pay in cash or by card. Unlike the current Uber offering in Uganda, Fone Taxi will allow users to chose between a range of cars or bikes i.e Standard, SUV, VIP, Bike and Triwheels among others. The app also allows the passenger to communicate with the driver in app via SMS or make an SOS Call as long as they are registered.

To expand quickly, Fone Taxi uses franchises or exclusive agencies in their respective countries so that they can use the app on a revenue share basis.