Uber discreetly increases its fares and we guess you didn’t notice

Uber rider Kampala

Surprised? Yeah, you must be but the above header is true though subtle since the increase was only reflected in the base fares and cancellation fees.

These have previously been at UGX 3,000 but have now seen an increment to UGX 4,500. An increase of 50% from the previous figure. Other fees remain as is including the per kilometer fare that remains at UGX 750 while the per min fare too remains at UGX 150.

“The decision to change the price was as a result of surveys we had with drivers and riders where sentiment was that the minimum fare be increased slightly as 3000 was deemed too low – so we encourage riders and drivers to use the in app feedback features”, a Uber employee disclosed when asked about the increase.

This comes at the back of discontent amongst Uber partners, call the drivers about the low fares and is seen as a motivation tactic to lure them. These have long complained about the UGX 3,000 base fare that was chopped up from UGX 5,000 in a bid for Uber to attract more users when Uber reduced its UberX charges to riders since it is the only Uber service available in Uganda.

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The move played out well as it increased rider numbers owing to the cheaper rates compared to standard special hires. Unofficial figures but Uber rider figures close to 50,000 in Uganda.
The communication was also sent out via mail and in app Uber cards that you probably  swiped over.