Uber and DigitalGlobe partner to help drivers locate you better

DigitalGlobal Uber partnership1

Popular taxi service Uber and satellite imaging company DigitalGlobe — a company which provides high-resolution birdlike imagery to companies like Apple and Google — have come up with a partnership that will see Uber drivers use better satellite images to locate clients.

According to a blog post by DigitalGlobe, the company said that its imagery would help “improve the Uber experience for riders and drivers,” and that Uber would be using DigitalGlobe’s technology to “identify and improve pick-up and drop-off locations,” rather than displaying maps to users of the Uber app.

Currently Uber uses Google Maps but as the saying goes, you can’t put all your eggs in one basket so Uber has been building up its mapping division for sometime now, as high-definition maps are paramount to its future projects like self-driving cars. The company has also reportedly been poaching several engineers from both Google and are working on their own mapping solution called Uber maps.