Taxify in Kampala

Taxify an Estonian based ride sharing platform has today launched in Uganda with high hopes of improving the country’s transport sector. Just like Uber the company also hopes to providing affordable rates for both riders and drivers in Kampala. Taxify is platform is expected to introduce relatively new favorable systems and commissions for the existing drivers who wish to earn more while paying back less to the company.

The new ride sharing company has reportedly already received great numbers of drivers sign-ups to accept rides in and around the city.  Uber, quick taxi, friendship taxi are some of the existing ride sharing services that have highly improved the country’s transport sector, not forgetting the legacy Special Hire service.

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With Taxify’s launch in Uganda the platform now offers a 15% welcome discount to riders and fares starting from as low as UGX 600 per km while  the minimum fare is UGX 4500 valid till late November. We assume these are just start up offers to attract usage.

According to the Kampala Operations manager, drivers will he able to earn sustainable discounts with the platform, “Kampala is a huge and thriving marketplace for private urban transport. We’re very excited to launch here and are confident that Taxify can effectively contribute to healthy competition by improving the quality of service and providing an opportunity for drivers to make a sustainable income,” he added

The company has operations more than other 19 countries worldwide, including Europe, Africa, the Middle East, and Central America.