UBC, NBS, Bukedde and NTV rank highest in airing local TV content to Ugandans


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The Uganda Communications Commission (UCC) has been pushing Ugandan TV stations to air local content. As part of its key functions UCC, under the Uganda Communications Act 2013 Section 5(1) x, is set standards, monitor and enforce compliance relating to content. In this regard, the Commission set and has been monitoring local content quotas (70%) on Ugandan television broadcasting stations since January 2014. The major objective is to promote national culture, pluralism, diversity, create employment, as well as developing the local film industry. From their findings, out of the 14 TV stations, UBC , NBS, Bukedde and NTV ranked the highest in delivering local content to Ugandans.

According to the National Broadcasting Policy, Local content is defined ascontent that recognises the cultural and linguistic diversity of Uganda carrying themes of relevance to the local audience and produced under Ugandan’s creative control”.

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It should be noted that :

  1. Expansion of the monitoring period from the prime time period of 06:00pm to 11:00pm to include the period from 06:00 am to 11:00pm every day.
  2. Consideration of all genres of local content using a weighted basis.
  3. The stations monitored include the following: Bukedde 1, Channel 44, Citizen TV, East Africa TV, ITV, LTV, NBS, NTV, Record TV, Star TV, Top TV, UBC, Urban TV and WBS.

UBC0.4460.4860.4661 st
NBS0.4540.4310.4432 nd
Bukedde 10.4210.4430.4323 rd
NTV0.4090.4030.4064 th
Star TV0.380.4240.4025 th
Top TV0.410.3510.3816 th
WBS0.3540.3420.3487 th
Urban TV 0.250.3020.2768 th
Record TV0.2620.260.2619 th
Channel 440.1730.190.18210 th
LTV0.0650.1010.08311 th
East Africa TV0.0230.0150.01912 th
Citizen TV00013 th
ITV00013 th

Table above shows performance and ranking of all TV stations during the 1st & 2nd quarters of 2015

Accordingly, the table above clearly highlights the performance of all monitored television stations offering local TV content to Ugandans using the new methodology indicating their position from the first to the last.