Twitter to scrap the 140-character limitation for Direct Messages


In a move that has been long over due, Twitter has today announced an enormous change: which includes plans to scrap the classic 140-character limit for Direct Messages. The changes will take effect next month, where the number of characters for DMs will seemingly be able to run as long as you’d like, turning it into much more of a typical instant message and group chat service.


This move from Twitter is a sensible one — given the 140-character limit was always more of an annoyance in DMs, since they’re private. We have also seen big companies run their customer care services in twitter, so with this limitation removed, it will also be a huge help. Twitter has already made it easier for companies to do that by giving them the option to let anyone initiate a DM, and now they’ll be able to send long messages back and forth, rather than being arbitrarily restricted.