Twitter can now support super long names up to 50 charters

Twitter icon
Credit: Telegraph

Those twitter users with super long names  should now a reason to rejoice as the social media platform will now support long display names such as SsemakookiroMusajjaWakabaka or TwinobuhungiroMugishaBest using a maximum of 50 characters in your name, up from the original 20. The new length means you can also add more emoji without hitting the limit. Many users embraced the change, though some also wondered if its is really necessary Twitter was adding somewhat gimmicky features when it could be working on tackling its more serious issues on the platform especially with the rampant trolls and several racial or gender based harassment on this platform in western nations.

The update today comes hot off of Twitter doubling the amount of characters you could have in a tweet to 280. How long until Twitter expands user handles from 15 characters to… well, longer? It’s a move that might not happen for a while, though, given today’s mixed response to the news, combined with the fact that verified users lose their tick when they change their usernames. (The service has decided to halt verifying accounts for now.) Of course, that all depends on whether you believe the verified badge even carries any significant meaning on Twitter.