Twitter is adding new active users but not revenue

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Twitter is now an old guard when it comes to influential  social networks but its growth has stumbled over the years to somewhat being stagnant while new kids on the block like Instagram and SnapChat are growing faster than it is.

However, its new Q1 2017 earnings report  shed some light about the social network’s growth during the quarter since it has added over 9 million new monthly active users to bring the total of its monthly active users (MAUs) to 328 million. It should be noted that Twitter has over 900 million accounts on its service, many of which lay dormant.

Of the 328 million, 259 million are outside the United States which itself saw an average of 70 million monthly active users during the same period. This represented a 14% YoY increase in MAUs.

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Its wasn’t all rosy for Twitter though, it registered an 8% drop in Year on Year revenue which now stands at  $548 million against the analyst’ projected $511.9 million. It beat analyst’ projections but the company neither turned a profit, it instead accumulated a net loss of $60 million which is better than what the company posted in the same quarter last year of $80 million.

Twitter remains central in online conversations happening across the world but its active user base is dwarfed by Facebook and new entrants like Instagram with over 700 million users and is adding many more in droves not forgetting SnapChat. Twitter revealed that it will now focus on livestreaming to increase its growth now that it has big guns on its service.