is a new ”Uber-like” car service in Uganda


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[/blockquote]The number of Ugandans using the internet has extensively grown over the years and gets to increase within a blink of an eye, that the western culture has picked interest in the stats and opened up a couple of online business ventures in the country. Here is, an Uber-like Ugandan online service that aims to change the life of very many Ugandans by offering a rather immediate well organized answer to the emergency of transportation. is an online platform that connects you to your nearest transporter or towing service around you, with its increased number of registered transporters from within and around suburb’s of Kampala. Currently the service is only online with no Android or iOS app support. You can order a cab online to go pick your valentine to that very special restaurant. Or, get a truck deliver sand to your construction site by just tapping and scrolling through on your phone or laptop.’s solution provides a web application that only requires you to use when you actually need it, conveniently designed and managed by brilliant Ugandans that it lets you select which transport vehicles you would love to travel in.

The service providers assure you of your safety, as they have worked with the local authority to help legitimately approve and register these drivers under the Kampala Capital City Taxi Drivers Association, so it’s very easy to track down a driver in case of anything.

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The company wants to extend its service to Ugandans and give both the transporters and their clients a change to negotiate the final fares. tells Techjaja that both parties have to complete all involved charges over the phone before pick up, which reduces time wastage, and creates a good working relationship between the transporter and the client. With up to 200 transporters that have signed up with the service, in its first two weeks, you can certainly be sure to have the cheapest fares as this saves you the burden of having to call a cab guy from lets say Ntinda if you live in Kiira. They are continuing to extend the service to all parts of Kampala.

To know more on how it actually works, check out the demo video below.